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Travel Journal à la Mendelssohn

In October of last year I finally made my musician's pilgrimage to Leipzig to visit the Mendelssohn and Schumann houses. Walking the few blocks between the apartments of these legends, seeing the differences in the way they lived, imagining all the people who visited before me, was so meaningful. 

My favorite exhibit was a series of watercolors painted by Mendelssohn while traveling through Switzerland in 1847. Having some insight into what he found beautiful and imagining him observing these sights for hours made him feel like my friend.

The logistics of traveling with my cello often leave me feeling like an organizational disaster, but I feel so grateful for the chance to explore while doing what I love. It's hard to share all these new experiences through words and iPhone pictures...somehow sharing through paintings and music feels more real. With that in mind, I've started keeping my own painting journal in the spirit of Mendelssohn. Here are some of my favorite recent adventures!

IMG_5920 2.heic

Leipzig, October 2022

A still life taken from this trip to Leipzig to visit the Mendelssohnhaus

In my friend's Wohngemeinschaft cooking lunch and making apple butter from a neighbor's apple tree

IMG_7021 2.heic

Turin, Italy October 2022

The view at 5 in the morning (after waking up for a 4 am online German class) from my hotel room at the EstOvest Festival

IMG_7018 2.heic

Bergen, the Netherlands December 2022

The morning coffee view out my host's window while playing a recital for the Holland Music Sessions

IMG_7301 2.heic

Austin, Texas December 2022

View from my run on the Colorado River after auditioning for the Austin Chamber Music Center's Artist-in-Residence job

IMG_7299 2.heic

Meñakoz, Spain December 2022

A trip to the beach in Meñakoz, Spain


Helsinki, Finland March 2023

In Helsinki after a week in Jyväskylä, Finland with Trio Brontë for the Ilmari Hannikainen International Chamber Music Competition


London, England May 2023

I tried to draw a beautiful street of apartment buildings while in London for the Pierre Fournier Award, but turns out buildings are way harder than landscapes...I lost patience


Los Angeles, May 2023

View of La Loma Bridge in Pasadena while in LA to play a concert with Delirium Musicum


Somewhere between Tulsa, Oklahoma and Fayetville, Arkansas May 2023

A picture from the drive from TUL to Fayetteville to play with the Artosphere Festival Orchestra


Hudson, Quebec May 2023

Turns out the best way to get from Fayetteville, Arkansas to Paris is via Montreal. From a 36-hour layover spent meeting my newest nephew, Robin, at his home outside of Montreal (a sleeping 5-month-old was on my back while this picture was taken)


Schlachtensee Berlin, Germany May 2023

A moment of calm at home in Berlin painting my favorite Berlin lake with my roommate


Whites Bay, Henderson, New York August 2023

One thing I took for granted about upstate New York is the Great Lakes (they hold 21% of the world's fresh water). I love how many different moods these fresh water oceans have. Painted on the dock with my nephew Charlie during a week of vacation with my family.


Krzyżowa, Poland September 2023

A view of the Field Marshal's oak stand and the Berghaus while at Krzyżowa chamber music festival in Poland


Whites Bay, Henderson, NY September 2023

Last sail of the season for Wind Song with a strong north wind. Same lake, same place as the previous painting of Whites Bay--paintings only a month apart.

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