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Interdisciplinary Projects

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I've started keeping a travel journal through paintings, inspired by Felix Mendelssohn. Read about/see some recent adventures here.

I boycott fast fashion to lower my carbon footprint. Read more about my slow and secondhand fashion journey here.

In 2018 I worked with a team of dancers from the Kaufman School of Dance to choreograph Bach’s sixth cello suite. Read an article about my experience here.


Learn more about why I proudly wear my tattoo, the first Iron Age woman who wore it, and how I feel the relationship between history and art. 

Writing about music is such an important tool to connect with audiences. Read more about my experience writing for the Yellow Barn Festival here. 

I support local farmers and grow my own food to lower my carbon footprint. Click here to learn more about how to do this in an urban setting.

In 2016 I performed Elgar Concerto with the Burbank Philharmonic Orchestra wearing a dress made for me by Elida Berry-Donat. Read more about symbolism in women’s fashion here.

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