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Writing Program Notes for the Yellow Barn Festival

I started writing program notes for the Yellow Barn Festival in Putney, VT three summers ago when I was a fellow there, and have continued every summer since. Because of the creative and unconventional programming at Yellow Barn, I look forward to this every summer as a chance to explore new music and broaden my historical perspective. To the left, see a picture of my chief editor: Merrett, the Putney village dog. Below, find examples of my work. 

For a note on the Bach Cello Suites, click here.

For a personal note on musicality in children, click here. For an article in the Brattleboro Reformer in which this note is quoted, click here

For a note on Webern’s Five Movements for String Quartet, click here.

For a note on Kurtag’s Kafka Fragments, click here

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